Lead Mountain Lodge LLC is family owned and operated, and we don’t just rent Oakum Lodge – we use it!  When you lease the lodge, you get the same facilities that we outfit and maintain for ourselves.  The terms and conditions of our lease are designed to protect and preserve the quality of experience when vacationing on Upper Lead Mountain Pond.

Remembering some of the great times we have had through the years renting cabins on Maine lakes, we are excited to present the same opportunities to other families.  We offer some of the best weeks of the Maine summer at our lodge and are absolutely convinced that once you’ve been there, you’ll want to return.

The lodge is usually rented for periods of one week beginning Sunday afternoon and ending the next Sunday morning.  A typical lease can be viewed by following the link below, although the terms and conditions are subject to change such that the lease entered into may be different in dollar amounts, timetables and covenants.  In addition to the basic lease, supplemental agreements may be entered into with regard to pets and the borrowing of the motorized boat at the lodge.  Lead Mountain Lodge LLC reserves the right to refuse requests for rentals and / or supplemental agreements without explanation.

When you contact us and agree on the terms of lease, we will create a lease reflecting our agreements and convey it to you - at this point, your week will appear "yellow" in the reservation section of this site. The lease must be returned signed and with the deposit specified therein within two weeks.  When your check clears we will counter sign the lease and send you a copy - your week will now appear "red" in the reservation section, and you are lined up for a great vacation!

The lodge is “powered” by liquid propane (LP). The equipment using LP includes: lighting, refrigerator, stove, griddle cook top, hot water heater and electrical generator.  The generator provides electricity primarily for the water pump and will also power electrical lights and outlets when running.  Simple instructions regarding all the lodge’s appliances and features will be provided and a contact will be available to call should you have questions during your stay.  Cell phones usually work well at the lodge as there is a transmission tower atop Lead Mountain. See more about the lodge.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have about the lodge or surrounding area.


To view the Oakum Lodge lease click here

Oakum Lodge Supplemental Agreement for Pets click here

Oakum Lodge Supplemental Agreement for the Use of Motorized Boat click here